PurePulse waterjet technology is an ultrasonically pulsed waterjet stripping method designed to remove hard coatings/materials applied by thermal spraying (Plasma, Electric Arc, HVOF) and plating processes (Electro Hard Chrome, Nickel, etc.). This next-generation waterjet technology is designed as a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative for chemical stripping, gritblasting and machining. This method not only benefits part life extension, but also improves turnaround time and reduces throughput cost.

High-frequency electrical pulses are converted into mechanical vibrations that transform high-pressure streams of water into pulsed jets of individual water slugs. The water slugs produce a pulse-wave effect on the coating, gradually fracturing it and removing the coating from the substrate material.

PurePulse waterjet technology represents a substantial enhancement in waterjet technologies in terms of surface prepping performance. Operating at 30% of the pressure of traditional units, the technology works to compliment the ultra-high process through its ability to remove special coatings such as chrome and HVOF.

It works by creating a pulse wave effect, which in turn fractures the coating through water-eroding fracture.

The application of this technology results in a safer alternative to chemical dipping, gritblasting and grinding machining because no abrasives or chemicals are needed to strip hard or soft coatings. The technology operates using a closed-looped system, therefore hazardous coating materials can be captured, removed and managed as part of an environmentally-conscious waste stream management program.

  • High frequency of impact
  • Lower water pressure with higher water volume
  • Fracture and erosion mechanics to remove coatings/materials 
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Oil/Gas
  • Mining
  • Land Based Power
  • Heavy Industrial

Game-Changing Technology

  • Uses ultrasonically pulsed water to precisely strip hard coatings, such as chrome and HVOF, without damaging substrate
  • Extends part life

Cost Savings & Efficiency 

  • More efficient process, resulting in improved turnaround times
  • Lower operational pressures, creating less stress on equipment and resulting in more uptime
  • Lower throughput and operating costs to the customer

Environmentally Friendly

  • A safer alternative to chemical dipping and grinding
  • No abrasives or chemicals needed
  • Closed-loop system, reuses filtered water 
  • High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)
  • Chromium (Cr)
  • Plasma (APS)
  • Thermal barrier Coatings
  • Tungsten carbide (WC/Co)
  • WC17Co
  • Wire arc spray
  • Tribaloy T-800
  • Chromium carbide (CRC)
  • Nickel-chromium-aluminum yttrium (NiCrAlY)
  • SermeTel W
  • Tungsten carbide/cobalt chromium (WC-Co-Cr)
  • Aluminized epoxy enamel
  • Copper-Nickel-Indium (CuNiIn)
  • Nickel aluminum (NiAl)